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Juliette Flower, LCSW

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Juliette Flower is a Licensed Clinical Social

Worker in Louisiana.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, minor in Child

Development, and Masters in Social Work. 


Earning her LCSW in 2005, she has experience working with individuals and

families in different settings such as rape/ sexual abuse centers, inpatient rehab, hospital, and hospice settings.  She has

experience working with those who have experienced sexual abuse, substance

abuse, death&  dying, the grief process,

crisis intervention, medical related issues, and family related issues. 


Juliette provides services to her clients through individual interventions and

cognitive-behavioral treatment models. She has served as Board of Directors president

of Louisiana Guardianship Services and president of the NOLA SWANS, a continuing education group for social workers.

Juliette can be reached at jflower@brennanbehavior.com or through calling 504-833-6730.