Dr. Carolyn Barahona, BCBA-D

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Dr. Carolyn Barahona is a licensed behavior analyst and psychologist in the state of Louisiana. Since 2004, she has dedicated her career to working with children diagnosed with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.


She pursued her doctoral training in school psychology with a specialization of behavior analysis at Louisiana State University. At LSU, she was trained to provide school and clinic-based services for children with a variety of academic and behavioral needs.  She completed her doctoral internship at the May Institute in Massachusetts where she implemented school-based services for students diagnosed with autism, traumatic brain injury, and other neurobehavioral disorders. She received her board certification as a doctoral level behavior analyst in 2012 and earned her doctorate in psychology in 2014.    

Dr. Barahona’s primary interest is early intervention services for children diagnosed with autism. She utilizes evidence-based behavioral assessments and interventions to develop individualized skill acquisition and function-based treatment programs for each child. Applied behavioral methods that she employs include verbal behavior, discrete trial teaching, function-based interventions, generalization training, and natural environment teaching.


Dr. Barahona was trained in multi-disciplinary clinical settings and she understands the importance of collaboration with other behavioral health providers. Furthermore, she strongly believes that a major key to a child’s overall success is family participation in promoting the generalization of learned skills into the natural environment. Ultimately, Dr. Barahona strives to provide quality services by cultivating a welcoming therapeutic environment for her clients and fostering a symbiotic relationship with their families.

Dr. Barahona can be reached at 504-833-6730 or cbarahona@brennanbehavior.com