The Balance Collective

Treatment for Eating Disorders

Eating disorders carry serious and sometimes fatal psychological and medical consequences. Notoriously challenging for families and treatment providers alike, few resources exist on the gulf coast for treatment. When resources do exist, they are often fragmented and parceled, resulting in contradictory advice and communications difficulties between providers.


Parents are often left with limited options and frequently are forced to leave the state to find treatment. This is disruptive to families lives and damaging to the normal developmental trajectory of the child suffering from the eating disorder. The Balance Collective is excited to present another option for families in the greater New Orleans area.


The first of its kind in Louisiana, we are a fully integrated, multidisciplinary, and evidenced-based approach to assessing and treating eating disorders.

The Balance Collective is directed by psychologist Amy Henke, PsyD, who has worked with children and families in the New Orleans area for over a decade. After encountering a wide gap in family-based resources for eating disorders, she sought out training in the top evidenced-based therapy that currently exists – Family Based Treatment (FBT). FBT was initially designed at the Maudsley Hospital in London, England in the 1980’s and later formally manualized by researchers and clinicians at Stanford University. It is currently considered the gold-standard for care of children and adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa with multiple randomized controlled treatment trials (RCT’s) published.

No treatment program for eating disorders is complete without dietary and medical support. To those ends, the Balance Collective is proud to partner with Jacey Lutz, RD and Erin Adams, MD. Ms. Lutz joins the practice with specific clinical interests in working with families with eating disorders. She strongly promotes and believes in a Health at Every Size model of treatment, which serves as a complement to Family Based Treatment for Eating Disorders. Dr. Adams joins with years of experience working with adolescents struggling with co-morbid medical and mental health concerns. She is uniquely qualified to care for your child’s medical safety and provide psychiatric intervention if needed.


At the Balance Collective, your family will receive care based in best practices and informed by the most up-to-date research. We are proud to practice as clinicians based in science. We know from our experiences with many children suffering through an eating disorder just how devastating the impacts can be and how hopeless families often feel when navigating treatment options. It is our goal that the Balance Collective can serve as a family-focused treatment center where your family can begin the recovery process and ultimately look forward to better days ahead.

To learn more about The Balance Collective, email Dr. Henke at or call 504-833-6730