ADD and ADHD Testing

ADD and ADHD are disorders of attention regulation, which when unaddressed, can impact a person's ability to achieve and succeed.

Assessment for ADD/ADHD is offered for children and adults.  A typical evaluation includes an assessment of  IQ, focus/concentration abilities, and academic abilities.  Psychological functioning is also assessed to track whether confidence has been affected or whether there is a psychological condition that is causing (or worsening) attentional difficulties. 

All assessments include an interview and structured testing session.  Evaluations typically take 4 to 6 hours (school/work excuses are provided).  At the end of the assessment, a report is provided which outlines strengths and weaknesses and offers a personalized treatment plan. 

Note that a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD does not mean that you or your child MUST take medication.  Brennan Behavior Group is proud to offer several non-medication interventions for ADD/ADHD as needed.