Let's face the tough stuff together.


Brennan Behavior Group is proud to include certified teachers among our staff,  Our teachers provide structured, one-on-one training sessions which focus on building the necessary self-management skills needed for academic success.  Our programs work to build effective study skills, organizational abilities, and work habits.  Tutoring for students in lower and middle school is also available.


Mission: Possible is not a tutoring program. Rather, it is a Applied Behavior Analysis program for children who struggle with attentional difficulties and academic independence. Each student has individual goals and target behaviors that we are working on; however, all children follow the group format. Our daily group format is as follows:


Homework Time - the first 20 minutes of our session is spent working with the students and their homework. During this time, we are working to improve their ability to start and stop work independently. We are also working to reduce breaks in their work and improve their organization. Each student creates a "To Do List" and they are taught how to effectively use the list. Please be sure to check your child's bag and assignment pad before coming to their Mission: Possible session. If they don't have homework, please send them with study work. Also, please be sure to check their assignment pad after each session as there may be times when all their homework hasn't been completed.


Fluency Challenges - during Fluency Challenges, each student is given a goal to reach in mathematics, reading, and writing. This goal is specific to them but the target for everyone is the same: improving work speed while preserving work quality. Your student should be able to tell you their goal and whether or not they achieved it each session.


Active Listening - through Active Listening, we are building upon your student's ability to attend to and process information said to them. We do this through fun games which require that your student focus, listen, and respond in real-time. Story time is also incorporated.


Following Directions - following multi-step directions can be a struggle for some children. During our Following Directions tasks, your student's ability to follow and execute 1, 2, and 3-step directions is measured. Our goal is to improve both retention and execution of multi-step directions.


Fun Time - the last 5 minutes of each session is reserved for play! Our students work very hard during their Mission:Possible program! Play time is a great way to reward them for their hard work and efforts


How is my child doing? – At Mission: Possible, we send home monthly report cards that shows how your child is performing and improving in fluency challenges as well as their individual behavior and bonus goals.  Additionally, we schedule open houses where you may sit in during our group session and speak with Dr. Brennan on your child’s progress.

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